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At "Fornoli" there is the monumental "Ponte delle Catene", a suspension bridge designed by the Lucchese architect Lorenzo Nottolini in 1840 but only completed in 1860. In 1825 Carlo Ludovico, Duke of Lucca, regulated card games and set up the royal Casino at Ponte a Serraglio in 1839, the first in Europe. The roulette wheel was net to revolve for very long however in 1841 the Duke with drew the license for games of chance on account of fatal duel
Not far from the Casin is the little neoclassical Demidoff tempie, built by Prince Nicholas Demidoff, together with the hospital which also bears his name, at the seme period as the Casin. On our way up-hill to Bagni Caldi, where are the main thermal establishment, the first one having been set op by Jean Varraud at the beginning, of this century, we pass the Bagno Bernab, built in 1821 by the French entrepreneur Charles de Sambucy.
Near the Corona Hotel a marvellous public park surrounds the "Villa Fiori". Bay way of the tree-lined avenue which connects "Ponte a Serraglio" with "Villa" one reaches the main centre, where other buildings testify to the former distinction of the palace. On the right as we enter the built-up area is the Hotel Regina, a late eighteenth-century construction, with marble pavements of that period, now in process of reconstruction prior to re-opening. Puccini was a guest here while engaged in the composition of "Turandot".