The premises are in the locality known as Ronco, and the fields surrounding them are the Prata del Ronco where, in 1501, the historical Battaglie dei Fieni took place between the Panciatichi and Cancellieri families of Pistoia.

The quiet of this place, joined to the easy road communications, is very appreciated by our guests. The nearness with the county road and with the tollgate makes easy the movements of the tourists who wish to visit the most beautiful artistic cities in Tuscany, but to make feel at home who comes back at the Fienile de' Nenci too, after a work-day or of excursions. It is an ideal place even for families with children.

In the course of the time we have discovered that the Fienile de' Nenci is a very appreciated place by the artists and all creative people: musicians, painters, actors.

A lot of guests let us as a present their emotions written in the Guests' diary. Here are some phrases. A good mood factory. I voyaged and here I retrieved strenghts and colours. This place is everything!!! Quiet, tranquillity and welcoming.