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Scuba diving and sea floor landscape - The Tremiti Islands take their form almost for enchantment on a sea unrivalled for colour and clarity and, thanks to the beauty and richness of its sea floor, is a favourite destination for scuba divers. Immersion in the underwater environment of the Tremiti Islands is an evocative experience. The waters of the archipelago are a marvel of colours and variety of marine flora and fauna. The sea's clarity permits the participation even of the less experienced and makes snorkelling among the rocks a fascinating marine excursion. It is also one of the choice sites for more skilled divers and the Diving Centres, situated on the island of San Domino, provide all the information and services necessary for this relaxing and stimulating activity. It is also possible to dive throughout the year as well as at night, and to visit the Parco Marino (Marine Park) surrounding the Tremiti Islands.