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In 1269 Pietracupa belonged to Ugo di Brianzio and, subsequently, to the Francone family, the last feudal owners of the town. It is positioned on an enormous rock which impressively dominates the whole town; the rock is characteristic for its series of caves which, in times past, were probably inhabited. The ancient church, dedicated to the Holy Sacrament, was, in fact, dug out of the rock and contains a crypt also hollowed out of the rock.
Today, it is the most distinctive feature of Pietracupa and it is where the precious statues of Ortisei are preserved. The centre of the town is entirely protected from the western winds, whereas to the east, it enjoys a view over a wide landscape: in the historical centre, the houses are old but in a good state of repair, built in stone and mostly sized just for a single family; in the area of new settlement, however, the houses are more modern and often structured as multi-owner blocks.

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